What Are We Going to Talk about?

We are going to do things anyway…

The conversations that I will be having on this page will include all of me. All of me includes my life as an educator, a consultant, an advocate, a mom, a wife, a friend, and everything else! This will not be a journaling of my days. The purpose of this space is to fuel real, honest conversations about leadership, education, and advocacy. I care about a lot of stuff, but at the heart of all of those things is my belief that anyone (yes, ANYONE) can find their purpose, their passion, and their voice. When we find our passion and purpose, this drives everything that we do.

I will write about leadership and theory. I will share current research, my research, and my observations. I will talk about teaching leadership and how we learn to lead when we first learn about ourselves. I will talk about educating college students and how I think this generation is amazing. I will talk about working with graduate students and developing scholar-practitioners. Yes, I will talk about being a scholar-practitioner and tell you exactly what that means to me.

I will talk about mental health. I will talk about how we need to crush stigmas around mental health. I will discuss how we need to normalize mental health days for kids and grownups. How we can say we are not okay with fear or judgment.

I hope that this space where we have conversations that feel vulnerable, but we do it anyway. And if there is something you want me to research and/or talk about – please send me a little message 🙂

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