Unleashing the Power of You

Getting Uncomfortable

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Endless Mountains Empowerment Summit moved online. This talk/presentation that I gave was the first online conference that I presented in. This was a HUGE learning edge for me as I am used to an active and engaged audience and this was me just talking to myself. There are several things about this talk that make me cringe a bit (the word UMM, anyone?), and for a time, I wanted this video to disappear!

Now, almost two years later, I am sharing as a testament to my growth and expansion of my abilities. What I see now in this video is strength, grit, and tenacity. I see a woman who shared her truth in a format that was super awkward and uncomfortable.

I invite each of you to get uncomfortable, do something weird, and feel awkward – and Do. It. Anyway.

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