NAMI Stride Kickoff, 8/28/21

Mom’s 42nd Loss Anniversary

On August 28, 1979, my mom, Michelle Weinman, lost her life to suicide. I was almost 2 years old, and left motherless and fatherless (I never knew my biological father). I was blessed with amazing grandparents who took on the parent role while grieving the loss of their daughter. They had already parented five children and now, I was number six.

My journey through life has been a twisty, turny, and uncomfortable ride. Nothing has been easy, but I am who I am because of my journey. In this short speech, I shared my journey to my purpose: Being the voice for those who are unable to speak up for themselves.

When you listen to people talk about their journey in recovery, you will hear one common thread: Purpose. Living a life with purpose. A mission. A sense of duty to do something. We all have our own journeys, our own purpose, but we each must find that purpose and live ON. POINT. with it,

Some say “find your tribe and love them hard” – which is true – but I also say, “find your purpose and live it hard!”

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