Consulting & Speaking

Customized leadership development programs rooted in current best practices and in evidence-based research to help create cultures of leadership throughout all levels of your organization. Investing in leadership development is investing into your people, your mission and organizational sustainability.

“Step By Step has worked with Jamie to develop a Leadership Development Program that has exceeded our expectations.  Jamie is thorough, task oriented, and inspirational in her teaching and leadership style.  Her program is highly sought after by our staff and her approach resonates with all levels within the organization.  I highly recommend Jamie for your leadership development and strategic planning needs.”

– Eric, CEO of Step By Step

Dr. Jamie Gairo builds customized leadership development programs based in current data and research. While some frameworks are universal, the application and use of those frameworks is used specifically to meet the needs of your organization. 

There are six key assumptions that underpin Leadership Development: 

  • Leadership is an ability, a skill, a behavior, a relationship and an influence process.
  • Leadership is a concern of all of us.
  • Leadership is viewed and valued differently by various disciplines cultures.
  • Conventional views of leadership have changed.
  • Leadership can be exhibited in many ways.
  • Leadership qualities and skills can be learned and developed.
  • Leadership committed to ethical action is needed to encourage changed and social responsibility.

What this means is, in order for leadership development to be effective – these things must be true.  In other words, we cannot stand behind a leadership development program, if we don’t believe that leaders CAN be developed!  Old ways of thinking state that leaders are born, not made.  But all current research tells us the exact opposite.  While we may believe someone to be a good leader based on innate attributes (charisma is one), this information is simply false.  Some great leaders may be charismatic, but many are not.

When an organization is deciding how to develop its leaders, they may find a great deal of course offerings, programs, and ideas.  However, those offerings may not create the leader or the leadership culture that their organization is looking for.  This is where customized leadership development comes in – it is tied directly to the vision, mission, and values of YOUR organization.  One of the first steps of this process includes creating a leadership capability or competency model, which lays out the expectations of leaders of all levels within your organization.  This foundation provides the key to creating the leaders that your organization is looking for.

Partnering with Dr. Jamie Gairo for your leadership development, does just that – gives you a partner.  Dr. Gairo brings her experience, education, research, and whole self into your organization to ensure that she understands your culture and makes appropriate recommendations to move your organization to the next level. 


Dr. Jamie Gairo is available for speaking engagements focused in several areas in leadership and professional development. A short list of these topics are: Implicit Mindsets (Growth vs Fixed), Various Appreciative Inquiry Topics, Various Positive Psychology Topics, Strengths-Based Leadership, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, and Psychological Safety.
All offerings can be conducted and/or completed in-person, via Zoom and other technologies, or a combination all mediums.